Workshop on How to Make Your Own Solar Torch Lite for Personal and Business Use


Calriger Solar Torch Lite

CALRIGER’S Armas Solar Torch Made in the Philippines, advocacy Solar Flashlight for the out of school youth and NGO who wants to do small scale solar business. This unit full charge can last up to 8 hours usage and can be recharged using solar panel, usb plug or ac wall adaptor. Builtin battery is a lithium ion battery the same used in Vehicles. Basic Unit only cost is Php 300, add mini solar panel it will be total of Php 500. This unit doesn’t use microchip parts making it heavyduty and cam be upgraded. We are opening the training in how to make a unit of it to all interested NGOs and Out of School Youth Shelters for we believe that this can be the source of their livelihood. Proudly Filipino Made by Calriger Tech

The design is like this: a person will pay for a kit of the Solar Torch worth Php 500 training is free for every unit of the said solar torch. To maximize the training the people who should attend is more or less 30 to 40 people and the said training will last for 1 whole day. If there is a sponsor for the 40 people, the sponsor will have finished product of 40 pcs Solar Torch that can be retailed at Php 700 to 800 per unit. If the person come to the training alone he or she can take home is assembled Solar Torch for her or his own use. After the training they have the skill to make their own Solar Torch for business or personal use especially during disasters and calamities
The birth of Calriger Solar Torch Lite L3 a gift from the Creator my God. Solar Torch Lite L3 is a made in the Philippines Rescue Recon Flashlight that can be recharge thru solar, USB port or AC Wall charger. It is powered by a 3.7 lithium battery that can give continous tourch lite of 7 hours. Very useful in camping and trail walking or search and rescue operation. It is a good light partner of the handheld SolarRev Generator Survivor 1 model. The Solar Torch Lite L3 parts are upgradable and replacable because it is conceptualized, made and manufactured in Pateros Philippines using basic parts all available in the Philippines. As the CEO of Calriger Technologies, I Giancarlo Capco is proud to offer this innovation to our dedicated Rescue Group, Fire brigade volunteers, Soldiers and Police doing Rescue RECON Missions and also to Youth Leadership Summit, Youth for Peace Advocacy Movement, Global Advocacies, Divine Sower, Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid 2KK and to the youth and Nation Builders who will inherit all our technologies and make it better for the betterment of our society’s soul. More at

SolarRev Gen Made in the Philippines
SolarRev Gen Made in the Philippines by Giancarlo Capco of Calriger Pateros Philippines

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